Edwardian Lavaliere Necklace

I really love antique jewelry. Especially ones from the Edwardian period of 1900 – 1910. The detail of each piece brings a flood of emotions. In some ways you can sense what the person crafting them must feel. And many of these jewelries have themes of nature. Gold and silver birds combined with flowers made of emeralds and rubies. The filigree is also very detailed on each bracelet and rings.


Edwardian lavaliere with aqua Persian turquoise center stone and seed pearls with fresh water pearl dangle, circa 1900, 1-1/4″. The box in which it came to me has a note in an old turn-of-the-century script. – Photo and description from http://www.morninggloryjewelry.com

I would like the necklace pictured above. As turquoise is also one of my favorite stones.This wonderful place has all the pretty antique jewelries for sale. The collection is really vast, but I don’t think they last for long. So if you find something you like, you have to act fast. Good luck antique shopping!


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