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Ruby Red Guava Soaps

Lately I’ve been really interested in making my own soaps. The process sounds simple, but the steps have to be taken with due consideration. As some of the ingredients used (such as lye) can be dangerous. So the next best thing for me now is to just buy the handmade stuff.

The company I really like is Pacifica. They first started out with lovely soy candles. And now they have soaps for about $7. The company is based in Portland, Oregon. They are also a great company that stands behind their products. Fine ingredients and care for Mother Earth. My favorite soap is the “Hawaiin Ruby guava”. The smell bring up stories of my mother’s childhood of growing up in a guava orchard in Asia.


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Happy Halloween

Life should be just as relaxing and nice as this kitten inside a pumpkin.  I wonder if the pumpkin is real, since the carvings look so perfect.  Maybe it’s one of those stryofoam pumpkin I’ve seen at the craft store.  Happy Halloween!

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