Pomegranate Season

The one fruit that we get to have at least once a year is pomegranate. And autumn is that time! I have always enjoyed eating this as a kid, but we didn’t get to eat them too often. They were hardly available at the supermarket. And no one we knew had planted any pomegranate tree either.

But about five years ago, my coworker had given me some really sweet pomegranates from her yard. Knowing how good my mom is with growing things, I gave her some of the seeds. And she was able to germinated a few plants from them. She gave some of the seedlings to her friends. Their trees aren’t bearing much fruit. But mother’s tree has done pretty well. We were able to enjoy it for most of September and October.


Fortunately pomegranates are easily available in the supermarket these days. In California, we can usually get the big ones for about $2.00 each or purchase the little ones for about $0.89 pound. Sometimes we get lucky and they are really sweet. Most of the time they are tart. I can eat both kinds and find they are great in salads.


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