Sewing & Craft Studio

The craft room pictured here belongs to Kat Heyes. She is one of England’s popular graphic designer and also an aspiring author. I love how the sewing machine is out in a convenient area. And the laptop has it’s own space next to the window, great to look out and take a break from the computer screen. This room is a great way to combine both a crafting area and a what looks like a place to relax too. This is especially inspirational for those who live in an expensive city and have only a limited amount of space to both (live & work). I really need to get a room like this very soon! It doesn’t help that all my fabrics and ribbons are boxed up and my sewing machine is collecting dust. Need to get more motivated for ’08.


Wee Wonderful, is another artist and crafter of wonderful toys, made a wonderful point of having your own studio. WW writes: “The real key for me to getting stuff done is being set up for it. I have an excellent craft room in this apartment with my sewing machine set out all the time, the ironing board always up, and a big craft table that my dad made me. My fabric is stored on shelves so I can see it all. This really helps me jump from project to project. I’ve never had this much room before and it makes such a difference. I’m not living out of my knitting bag anymore!”


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