Delia’s Coat Collection

I have not been back to Delia’s for about 5 years now. At it was on a whim that I decided to find some coats that I decided to look into them again. At the moment, I probably have enough of every basic coat or jacket out there. But I thought I might need something a bit less classic and with more of a modern twist. That’s where I found these perfect coat out of Delia’s shop. I really like coat #3 with the toggle closure and the little pleated tuck on the side too.coat2.jpg
Coat # 1 and 2 are both trench style and look very Euro chic! The little red trench is so cheerful, but I don’t think I can go for something that bright. Maybe something more neutral, like beige. And wool coat #4 and 5 are pretty much what I already own. But I thought I post it next to the others as a comparison.
The only thing that’s stopping me cold is that I can’t try it on first. I would just like to know how the material feels, how warm it is and mostly if it would fit like a glove. But at the sale price of $69, you can’t really go wrong. So I will see if I can decide soon.

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