20 Lipsticks and counting

One day I sat down and took a count of all my lipsticks. To my surprise I had about 20 in all, and a majority of them came in the same shade too. I guess I’m just as guilty as other ladies out there that just can’t seem to have either too much lipsticks, handbags, or shoes! At one time I thought I would stop purchasing new colors since this was becoming an “unhealthy” obsession.

But then I got lured into the cosmetic aisle of Target and wanted to try these new organic lines. They are made with natural oils and fruit extracts – titled “Boots” and made in England. These lip glosses weren’t like most lip gloss out there (are the kind I knew from high school) that becomes all gooey and shiny. They were really smooth and made my lips instantly softer too. So I was hooked on those. I got two of them. But I haven’t really worn much of it this winter.

Another great line of lipsticks that are great is from DHC. This Japanese company uses olive oil as their main base in many of the products. My favorite item from them is the lip palette is also a lipgloss, but it’s not as glossy. But the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that I have to apply with my finger. Just not so good when it’s flu season! Note, just found out that they are going to be discountinued soon.

lip.jpgSo I’ve found another great line of lipsticks from Nutrogena. They are sheer and not too glossy, with a slight fruity flavor, and a SPF of 15 too! My latest obession is Honey Breeze, just the most perfect color for everyday wear. But should I have gotten 2 of them? Let’s just hope they don’t stop making them.


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  1. Jan said

    I like that they have natural oils, etc. All the scary stuff about cancer causing stuff in cosmetics really need more fully organic lipsticks. Thanks.

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