Super Blooms

The first flower that got me into collecting desert plants was the “epiphyllum” or orchid cacti. They also go by other names such as Cereus and Queen of the Night. The thing that really intrigue me was the beautiful blooms that look very similar to the water lily. It is very, very fragrant. The sweet scent has been linked to lily, tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine. It’s enough to give me a headache (when placed inside the house). So it’s best to leave them outside and just sit back and enjoy the blossoms.

I just found out about the Epi Society thru Apartment Therapy SF. The picture above is from AT when they went to last year’s Epi flower show/fair. Just check out the variety of colors available. I think they look almost like water lily and orchids all in one. Right now I have only two small cuttings, but I think they both have white blooms. In our area, we can see it bloom around spring and autumn.

But one of the best thing I’ve found out recently was that there is a local Epi Society in the area. They have a show in SF every June. I’m so excited! Membership is only $12/year and they start you off with your own plant too.

But I can’t seem to find their website online, but I did get a phone # here of Mike Davis, the president of the society at 650.873.4443 or email

I would suggest the society get some web presence. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate, you can even start off at WordPress and just use it for PR and announcements. Update: A reader just informed me about There is also a great gallery at flicker too. I never knew, thank you so much!



  1. Eddie Huey said

    The SFES does not have a website, but they do publish announcements and news through , a website focusing on various epiphytes, including epiphyllum.

  2. cambree said

    Hi Eddie,
    Thank you so much for the info! I will be visiting the forum very soon. And also look forward to the SF show this summer.

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