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Gudule a un bébé by Fanny Joly is one of my new favorite children’s book. But currently they are only published in French. There hasn’t been such a character from children’s book that has warmed my heart since Amelia Bedelia. The books must have been really succesful since there is is also a French Canadian (animation) cartoon titled, Miss BG – from TV Ontario. In the computer animation, BG is showing the ways of the world to her little brother George. Every episode is a great learning experience in which she finds a useful lesson on being kind and fair. The little girl is so loveable and so is her family and friends. I would definitely recommend this book & cartoon for the kid in all of us.


Miss BG – TV Ontario



  1. rosh said

    hi, just stumbled here.

  2. cambree said

    Hi rosh, thanks for stumbling by… enjoy your stay.

  3. Eric said

    I really wish that Miss BG, the cartoon and books really got more popularity in the United States.

    • cambree said

      Hi Eric,
      I agree! Miss BG is a great show for both kids and adults (to learn English).

      I like how each episode is a lesson of some sort. And BG and her friends are so adorable. I hope they make more new shows too!

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