Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery

I have just discovered a new exotic fruit nursery here in California, but more in the southern part. This has got to be the best news yet, as I thought I would have to go all the way to Florida to find these trees. I have already composed my dream list of tropical fruit trees for my future orchard. Many of these might not grow in our colder northern Cal weather, but it’s OK to dream a little every now and then. I really look forward to making a trip to this place in the summer.

Photo of the Cherimoy fruit tree from Papaya Tree Nursery in Granada Hills, Ca. It’s just outside of LA, near Simi Valley. 332 mi – about 5 hours 12 mins from the SF bay area. But they only allow visitors by appointment between 8am – 5pm. I bet the prices of these trees could be really expensive.

The best thing about fruits is not that they taste great, but they are full of vitamins and nutrients. I will take any fruit over a candy bar. Harvesting time of sweet and ripen fruits are the best thing in life. Yummy!

My dream tropical tree list include; acerola or Barbados cherry, cherimoya, guava, pitahaya, giant loquats, and much more! Just check out the gallery at


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