Tropical Fruits Gallery

Ian Maguire resides in Homestead, Florida and works with Florida State University. I first found about his great fruit photographs back in 2002. I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years later and I’m still salivating over these delicious photos of tropical fruits. You can view them at

The one pictured below is of the sopadilla (or mamey sapote) and is just one of my most favorite tropical fruits. In Thai they are called “makok”. They are super sweet and taste much like a cross between pears, guavas, and lychees. The taste is heavenly. And I’ve only had them either frozen or canned imported from Thailand. One day I will go to the source and spend hours just eating them! That would be a dream come true. Thanks Ian for taking these great photos and for letting us all see your work (online) at least. Keep it up!



  1. cambree said Another tropical fruit paradise… but it’s all the way in Australia!

  2. […] Mamey is a tropical fruit also known as sapote. This has to be my all time favorite tropical fruit in the world. It looks a bit like a kiwi, but bigger and the inside is orange like a ripe mango but taste like a mixture of all the best tasting fruits ever. […]

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