Toys to Sew

Toys to Sew: Dozens of Patterns for Dolls, Animals, Doll Clothes, and Accessories by Claire Garland

I was thinking of getting this book from for my doll making experiment. I have yet to make my first stuffed animal or little girl doll yet. I was hoping to make some as gifts for my little nieces.  I have all the materials and maybe 2 books (both found at the used bookstores) on this subject already. The 1st used book was already $10, but I was able to do a trade of my older books. So it was a good deal. But this book is just too cute to pass up at $13.57 too!

And the libraries in our area don’t seem to carry newer books like this, all they have are Prairie design doll books.

Expert Village has instructions on how to make stuff animal dolls here. How to Make a Stuffed Animal by Karen Weisman.



  1. Teresa said

    I love this book!!! The designs are so charming, creative and fun! I want to eventually make everything in it!! There is a large section about a rag doll and clothes to go with it. The sock animals are unique and playful….but the best patterns are the alligator and the turtle, they make really stunning toys. These designs seem simple enough for a beginner to do and are a really quick sew for the experienced seamstress.

  2. cambree said

    I finally had the chance to look at the book. I have not made anything yet and was actaully hoping for better designs or patterns. I found them to be too amateur and a bit tacky. I only found maybe one or two designs I could use for myself.

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