Propagating Roses

I was able to get two cuttings of yellow minature climbing roses from a friend of my mom. They weren’t like ordinary bushy climbing roses, but really neat ones that climb upward into the trees growing along the fence. An usual plant with tons of beautiful minature blooms. The best part is that there aren’t any thorns on them. Just loved it so much that I asked for some clippings. Tomorrow I will take a picture and track how I’m going to propagate this plant. In the meantime, here is the same type of rose but more bushy rather then climbing.

For rooting hormone, you can use 1 cup of willow twigs (fresh bark) soaked in 1 gallon hot water overnight. Or just use honey. has a great article on propagating roses, here’s an excerpt: “

For Stem Cuttings : Treat stem cuttings just as you do for leaf cuttings. Please go here to continue reading post.


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  1. cambree said

    I collected some willow bark and am trying to propagate some strawberry guava bush. I was out of town for a week and found my rose cutting had disappeared. So maybe next time.

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