Empowerment Mala & Tulsi Tea

There is this special beaded necklace from India called the “Empowerment Mala”. As described by the merchants at Organic India as:
“Filled with clarity & beauty, this Mala makes a heart warming gift. Quartz Crystals (Center Stone and beads): Has a cooling effect on the body, and increases stamina and self confidence. Protects wearer from negativity. Helps to focus the mind and aids in decision making. Carnelian (beads): Increase spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought. Increasing intuition and amplifies prayers. Like rose quartz, it has also been said to be useful in helping to heal emotional wounds. Fresh Water Pearls: Symbolizes purity and stimulates the mind in clarity and wisdom. It has been said to enhance personal integrity, help to focus ones attention, and to increase physical vitality.”

Wow, I wonder if I could just put some beads together and make my own Mala. I haven’t used my beading kit for so long. Back in 2006, I probably spent at least $200 on all the beads, etc. But M’s mom ending up purchasing about $150 worth of it. It was fun and well worth the time and effort. But just not very profitable for me.

The Mala from India sells for $50, comes with one free box of tea and a nice jewelry bag too. The tea selection does look good, as I am definitely a tea drinker.


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