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The Fruit Hunter

There is a new book out by Adam Leith Gollner titled, The Fruit Hunter. A note from the publisher, “Gollner examines the fruits we eat and explains why we eat them (the scientific, economic and aesthetic reasons); traces the life of mass-produced fruits (how they are created, grown and marketed) and explores the underworld of fruits that are inaccessible, ignored and even forbidden in the Western world.”

The Fruit Hunter

I will definitely try to pick up a copy of this book at the nearest bookstore soon and give my review of it. The one thing I find odd is how good a book can be if it’s written by a journalist without any real background in “ethnobotany”. Sounds like an amateur to me. But I guess reporters and authors are suppose to be good at researching. And then putting it together, with the help of book editors, etc. And the title sound so yesterday if not overzealous, something along the line of The Relic Hunter and The Orchid Thief. But I do love the cover design of this book as well. I believe it’s a papaya tree. Also love the classic botanical drawing.

Then again when I get my hand on this book, I may enjoy it even more than I think.


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Rat Tail Cactus

I thought this cactus would be painful to have around. But was very surprised at the beautiful bright orange flower that came out of it.

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