Small Living

LA is usually known for movie stars and mansions. Or maybe the diversity of it’s immigrant population as well, but that will be another subject all together. What I wanted to mention here is that there are a handful of new small homes being built in Silver Lake. Silver Lake area is known as the trendy part of town, where young hip designers and actors tend to reside. Not that I care about being hip myself, but I thought the concept of these homes were very interesting. Especially in a time where we should be consuming less and living more.  Photos from LA Times.

Small driveways, close proximity to neighbors. I guess it’s suppose to make you be more friendly or aggravating (if you have an annoying neighbor).

This one is nice, except the patio is very close together. Each house gets a fruit tree in the front year and lots of flowers too. This is my favorite concept of all.

The one neighbor has a Prius, very good. The other with the muscle car, hmmm…. I like the contrast here. But I hate that the driveway is so small. Imagine trying to get in and out without scratching the other guys paint job. Bad idea.


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