Beautiful Clay Flowers

I have never really heard about crafting such beautiful flowers from clay until now. But these are just amazing. And the creative hands and mind behind this clay bouquet is from Diane Phillips of DK Designs. She specializes in handcrafted clay floral designs, wedding stationery and is a teacher with the Deco Clay Craft Academy.

There are just so many “bouquets” to chose from. And the best part is that they will never wilt and fade. I think it would make a great gift for anyone, from people staying in hospitals to busy professionals. Now I wonder how you would go about dusting these bouquets.

The one pictured her is one of my favorites. It retails at Etsy for $80 U.S. As described by DK Designs, “This arrangement is the epitomy of rainbow sherbet colors! This is the perfect centerpiece for any summertime party or just to decorate that special room in your house. The arrangement includes a peony bud in the center, 2 fuschia pink roses, 2 orange ranunculus flowers, citrus green dendrobium orchids, creamy white tuberose blossoms and tuberose buds. The flowers are arranged in a cute white Sunbury bowl.”

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  1. yanti_bill said

    I love this clay flowers, I was trying to find where to get the materials to make them šŸ™‚

  2. cambree said

    Hi yant_bill,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You can try Hobby Company of SF, they sell polymer clay 2 oz for $2.09. Deco Clay Craft of Hawaii has ClayCraft SoftClay for sale 4.8oz (137 grams) for $7.99

  3. craft said

    i can stop to say nice for this clay flowers

  4. cambree said

    Hi craft,
    Thanks for the comment! These flowers are very nice and pretty too.

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