Textiles from Jaiphur, India

Everytime I see images of India, I can’t help but think about how people are so vibrant and in constant motion. Even the names of towns and cities sound like an adventure. And one of those interesting names is Jaiphur. It is also home to a huge textile industry. They specialize in 100% cotton and all vegetable dyes. The vegetable dyes consist of indigo, onions, and spices. They are also know for block printing, which is done by carved wooden blocks designed with a floral motif usually.

It would be neat to go see one of these textile artisan shop or factory sometime in the future. And using vegetable dye is definitely better then harsh chemicals that can leach into the environment. One of my favorite online shop is Ratan Textiles. They have these beautiful designs for home decorations. The ones pictured here are some of my favorites. The designs just bring you to a different world where beauty is timeless and vivid.

Beautiful cushions pictured below with indigo and soft yellow.  Reminds me of a French Provincial designs. Yet originates in India. Very pretty!

“The designs are exclusive to the Ratan studio and due care is taken to ensure the highest quality. So that you can bring to life your vision of a home.” – Rattan Textiles of Sitapura, Jaipur.

I like the red & white floral design on these fabrics. I wish I could get a closer view of the designs via their website, that would make shopping so much better.


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