Summer Treats – Paletas

This summer I have found myself enjoying ice cream again. It’s not that I don’t enjoy ice cream, it’s just that all the Breyer’s and Dryer’s out there start to taste the same to me. It’s just a little bit of milk and sugar, some being creamer then others. And I don’t like shorbets at all. I don’t like gelatos either. I would prefer to eat fresh watermelon or canteloupes during the summer heat.

But this summer, I have discovered paletas at the grocery stores. They are Mexican ice cream bars made of fruits. Not just any fruits, but chunks of good tropical fruits too. And now this is what I call real delicious tasting ice cream!

Paletas are more like a fruit shake frozen into a bar. Some are milk based and others are water based. My favorites are the milk based one. When I was younger, my mom use to buy coconut paletas from the Mexican ice cream vendor who sold them at the farmer’s market. I really haven’t had them since.

Until recently I spotted a box at our local grocery store. La Indita Michoacana makes them with the finest ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup either! The back of the box said they are a small family owned business that uses only natural and traditional ingredients. The ice creams are made in Modesto, California. Their paletas come in 9 flavors! I have tried about 5 of those flavors already (and also gained an extra 5 pounds) and have to say my favorite is mamey and mango.

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  1. cambree said

    Tried the walnut paleta by La Michoancana today and it was awful! All the walnuts were tiny nits found on the bottom. Not evenly mixed. Not creamy at all, more icy bar – which it did not say on the box. I would have not bought it. I thought it would be like the one pictured here. Will never buy the walnut one again. Will probably stick with the tropical fruit bars only.

  2. Heather said

    I tried La Michoancana paleta and there was a frozen cockroach stuck to it. So gross… never again!

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