Cutest Puppy

I’m not the one to gush about celebrities at all. I am more into the old Hollywood, with ladies like Audrey Hepburn and gentlemen like Gregory Peck. But when it comes to puppies, I can never resist. And I read that Audrey had a cute yorkie too.

Then I saw this picture of Blake Lively from the LA Times and thought what a cute puppy. I really, really want one of these cutie pie. I hope the apricot toy poodle doesn’t just become fashion accessory for her. It would be a shame, as shameful as when parents try to dress up their toddlers as little mini hipsters.

But I don’t think Blake will just toss the puppy aside, she seem to be caring enough person who take on the responsibility of puppy caretaker. Not to mention, Blake already has good fashion sense, her style is simple yet funky. I like the simple black top with jeans & piles of glass bead-like necklaces too.

Photo by LA Times,

But what would be even better then fashion… is to treat your pet with love and kindness. And the ones that need some love can be found at your local animal shelter. These days, it’s easy to find rescue groups in your area via the internet. They have rescue groups for poodles, dalmations, yorkies, and many more.

Sometimes people’s lives change and they can’t afford to keep their pup any longer. Whether it’s moving or the owner has passed away. These dogs may be scruffy and rough around the edges, but give it time and they’ll love you for it. Just see what Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice found at her animal shelter. One cute German Shepherd!

LA Times,


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  1. unduk said

    awesome story.! Much food for thought… It really made my day. Thank you.

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