Scent of Pink Guava

The last time I was at the bookstore gift section, I saw these pretty packages of soy candles. They were made by my favorite handmade soap company, Pacifica. I’m not exactly sure which products they made first, the soap or the candles. But the candles were a recent thing I’ve noticed. And these candles all smell great. It’s definitely not at artificial at all (like perfumes usually do!). That is because these candles are scented with pure essential oils. You can never go wrong with pure EO’s.


Since I was already in love with their guava glycerine handmade soap, I went right into the Hawaiin Ruby Guava soy candles. As mentioned by Pacifica’s company site, “This tropical blend is predominately made up of sweet berry-like notes of the guava, with a citrusy top note of pomelo in a very subtle warm base of coconut.” The smallest jar is $5.00 for 3 oz.

Guavas are very rare in the US fruit market. Sometimes when I get lucky I’ll see them at the Asain markets. Some people like to eat them when they are ripe, as they can be very sweet yet tangy. But I prefer them to be a bit crisp.

On my first trip to Hawaii, years ago, I tasted my first fruit off the tree. A friend of ours had a small tree growing in their front yard. Most of the fruits had been eaten by birds or bats already. But I was able to get my first bite into a crunchy little green one. I think the scent was more memorable then the fruit itself. So it’s such a great surprise to find Pacifica making these beautiful soaps and candles.

Many cool facts about guavas can be found at


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