Guava Leaf

Since I am on the subject of guavas this week. I thought I would add the benefits of drinking guava leaf tea. There doesn’t seem to be too much info on this subject in Westernern society or health news. But in Asia, making teas out of fruit leaves are common.

Such leaves include loquats, pomegrante, and guava. Loquats are good for coughs. Pomegranate good for stomach problems, it is also used as a dieter’s tea. Which means it could help suppress your apetite. But my favorite is of the guava leaves, since it is loaded with vitamins, good for your skin, helps lower your cholestrol, and burn fats.


Photo from Organic Thailand.  They sell guava leaf essential oils, wholesale only.  I have never heard of such a thing, but I’m sure it has many benefits to it too.

Please continue reading more here.  Including a scientific study conducted in Japan.



  1. Anita said


    Thank you for this information. I am doing a research on Guava leaves since I have started drinking a japanese tea in which one of the ingredients is guava leaves. I notice the difference in just a short time. I can now get into my jeans comfortably. This information helped me understand why this tea is effective. Again, thanks!

    • jerry said

      my name is jerry,would u like to tell me where can i buy guava leaf tea?i want to buy some for my mother.
      kind regards

      • cambree said

        @jerry, i found my leaves in the tea section of the Asian market. Good luck!

      • Ashraf Nomani said

        Guava leaves are available 1 USD per 500 grams for use as Tea.
        L-1655/11-E, Muslim Town North Karachi-75800.
        Ashraf Nomani,, +92 345 2001097.


  2. Kerry Muir said

    Hi, I have three mature, fertile guava trees right outside my front door. Can you please tell me how to make a tea and/or a “decoction” with the leaves? I am a licensed skincare practitioner (aka esthetician) and would like to use the guava and its leaves for skin healing as well as skin lightening/brightening; all the articles I’ve read on line state that I need to make a decoction – what is that exactly and what’s the best way to make one? thanks! – k.

  3. cambree said

    Hi Kerry, I am not exactly the expert on this subject. I recommend you visit They have great instructions on making your own tea and decoctions. Good luck!

  4. Kristina said

    Hi, I just wanted to add to this information that there is a product out called Drinkin’ Mate which is an effervescent guava-leaf extract and it prevents hangovers! I’ve tried it and it works wonders – I also use it for my headaches. When I first tried it I was skeptical, but when it worked I tried it for headaches too, and it makes my headaches go away, amazingly. I haven’t had a migraine in over 8 months. I haven’t seen any literature on this aspect of it, so thought you guys might be interested!

    • PN said

      I just checked the prices on this Drinkin’ Mate not because I drink but just to get the Guava Leaf extract, and their prices are crazy! They basically are charging a little over a dollar PER PILL! No thanks, there has to be some cheap powdered Guava pills somewhere, especially when you consider how this plant grows all over the place.

  5. ulysses piga said

    Hello, i was hoping anybody can be able to answer me on this…

    Hi. My mother is type 2 diabetic patient and had an amputation on her right leg. Now she developed a wound on her left good leg. Apparently her toenail was cracked then left a wound around the tip of the toenail.Now it seemed the wound is starting to developed infection and the doctor

    I was wandering if guave leaves boiled in water can be able to help and accelerate the healing of my mom’s toenail wound. Just like we do in the philippines , wehn we use boiled guava leaves to wash and heal our wound from circumsicion.

    • Olman Contreras said

  6. ulysses piga said

    email me for your advise on guava leaves if it can be used to treat diabetic toe nail wound to prevent from infection and healing.

    My email, . Mobile # 647-885-2002.Im from ontario canada. Thank you

    Ulysses P.

  7. cambree said

    Hi Ulysses,
    Sorry to hear about your mom’s condition. I don’t know much about guava leaves being used to treat wounds. I only use guava leaves for tea. Good luck!

    • violette said

      hi, would you please tell me how to use the leaves to make tea. do i boil fresh leave or must the leaves first be dry? thank you

      • cambree said

        Hi violette,
        I have made tea with both dry and fresh leaves. If you have fresh leaves, just use that. But I prefer to use dried leaves. Dried leaves are also better since it you can store it for longer periods of time.

        Good luck!

    • Ashraf Nomani said


      Honey can treat wounds in 5 days!!!
      Hence Guava leave u can get free from me.
      +92 345 2001097 SMS postal address or send email.

  8. KtLim Msia said

    Many ppl,including me has tried the maruka honey to treat wounds and it’s works.Beware of using only pure honey. Maybe you would like to read more on the web and try it ! Good luck !

  9. […] This brand was bought at a Chinese grocery store for $2.99 per box. As I wrote in a previous post, guava leaf has many benefits. In Asian countries, it is mostly used to soothe stomach aches and […]

  10. Segun Adepoju said

    i just want to tell you that iam satisfy with your web. please endeavor to include some solutions to problems raised faor the benefit of all

  11. ching kim said

    it is very nice.

  12. jennylee said

    how about the contents of guava leaf

    • cambree said

      Hi jennylee,
      If you continue reading, you will find this from the study in Japan.

      “polyphenolic compounds contained in Guava Leaf have an effect to suspend proceeding of peroxidation reaction in the living body which can be expected to prevent various chronic diseases.”

    • Olman Contreras said learning

  13. Selvin said

    I was very impressed when I found out that many fruits and other foods which we see on a daily basis have so much medicinal value.

    Thanks to Dr.Pamplona and his team for this lovely


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  14. Selvin said

    Thanks for this article,

    But it amazes me that we find money from just about anywhere when we sick yet we do not invest in publications that educate us on the medicinal value of these fruits.

    Guva is just one of the many out there, To all who are helth conscious I recommend to you, Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power, Encyclopedia of Health and Education for the Family, Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Natural Remedies Encyclopedia.

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  15. PN said

    I am in the USA and am looking for Guava Leaf Extract. If anyone knows where I may order it online please let me know, thank you!

    • Olman Contreras said


      I live in Costa Rica and I´m thinking to start making Guava leaf extract with alcohol or some liquor at home, so we´ll have to wait for a couple of months. What I need is somebody to push me.

      There are too many guava trees around my neighborhood, if you need some leaves I´ll like to help you, but I´m not sure if I can do that regular mail.


      Olman Contreras
      P.O.Box 1887-1100
      San Jose, COSTA RICA

      • PN said

        Hola Olman, que tal amigo!?

        Olman, do they sell Guava Leaf powder or pills in Costa Rica? And I mean powder from the leaf, not the fruit, because it’s the leaf that has the medicinal value. I want to try it because I’m a bit gordito (fat) I hear the Guava Leaf powder or extract is great at helping you lose weight. Let me know, and here is my email if you want to contact me directly: PNightbird(at) Just substitute the “(at)” with the”@” symbol..I do this to protect from spam bots.

        Gracias amigo! =)

      • Jose Calumaya said

        Hi,I am looking for direct supplier of medicinal plant leaves.if you are a direct supplier,(to cut middle man)please contact me at

      • gavin said

        wow, great.
        we can offer you guava leaf and guava fruit to make the extract, you can contact me

        tel: 008618641252305


      • Ashraf Nomani said

        250 grams of Guava leave extract is being dispach to your addrss as
        small gift. +92 345 2001097 ,
        kindly visit my facebook “ashraf Nomani” karachi pakistan for instresting recipies & parantal Guidance.

  16. cambree said

    Hi PN,
    Thanks for commenting. I haven’t seen any guava leaf extract sold anywhere in the U.S.

    This one is close with 125 mg of guava leaf extract AGEBlock®
    60 capsules Price: $34.95. A bit expensive!

    Maybe get your hands on some guava leaves and then make your own tinctures.

    Hopefully Olman can help you out. Good luck!

    • PN said

      Thanks Cambree for the info! I am really surprised how hard it is for me to find Guava leaf powder, because if you google Guava, there are tons of countries that use it everyday, so you would think someone, somewhere would make Guava Leaf powder capsules.

      But I keep googling and so far the only sellers I can find of Guava Leaf powder are Chinese and a few Indian sellers who sell it by the drum for companies, they won’t sell small amounts to individuals. Still, if these chinese & indian herbal companies are selling it by the drum (which is like 300lbs apx), why haven’t I found any online companies selling Guava leaf capsules? Weird huh?

      If anyone finds any Guava leaf capsules out there, please email me at: PNightbird(at) and just replace the “(at)” with “@”. Thank you!!!

  17. victoria said

    can i combine guava leaves with water to form my steam for sauna bathing

  18. I have recently started manufacturing of Guava leaf extract powder in India and I am looking for a distributor/partner to market the same overseas.

    Kindly let me know, if anyone is interested,

    Thanks. flavourtrove at gmail com

  19. ankita tiwari said


    i m doing my research work on guava leaves,kindly give information about its antiulcer activity

  20. leizel said

    i there,
    is anyone here in glasgow know where i can get guava leaf?

  21. peter said

    Hello Everyone , My name is Peters i am a natural therapist if you need 100% Guava leaf extract with very good Medicinal Properties call me right now on +447024063791


  22. susan said

    I have recently tried a Japanese probiotic milk drink called Yakult launched in India by Yakult -Dannon for my acidity. WHile researching Yakult on the net I also found that they have a guava leaf extract also. Yakult is not very costly-Rs, 10 per dose (One USD is over 48 INR)

    You may check the Yakult website to learn more

    We have Guava in the yard. I started Guava tea with 3 fredh leaves, a pinch of cumin seeds and one litre of water, boiled together and left to stand. It is reddish and slightly bitter and I drink it through the day instead of water. I guess I must wait a while for the results. I am worried that the Guava Tea might also kill the probiotic bacteria that I am trying to cultivate through drinking Yakult.

    I can only guess.

  23. Gen Man said

    Would someone tells me the content of guava leaf, particularly its caffeine and some other toxic matters?

  24. I am really inspired along with your writing skills as neatly as with the layout in your blog. Is this a paid topic or did you customize it your self? Anyway stay up the excellent high quality writing, it is uncommon to peer a great blog like this one these days..

  25. Susan said

    There was a recipe for Guava Leaf Tea on the web and I prepared that with fresh leaves (3 leaves boiled in 3 cups of water and left to steep) I drank the water through the day.
    My Blood sugar was lowered but I felt extremely sleepy and I read somewhere that the leaf has a narcotic effect. Please check

    There is a plant called Ivy Gourd-Coccinia grandis and coccinia indica.
    There are research papers which support the evidence that the leaf extracts reduce fasting and PPBS.

    In Indian herbal medicine 3 or 4 fruits (they are thin and the size of your little finger) are juiced and filtered and the juice is taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Your bed tea etc should come only after half an hour. This reduces blood sugar considerably so BS must be monitored.

    The horse gram (there are recipes for horse gram soup) also reduces sugar but is called a ‘hot’ food which increases body heat. I think it can be taken twice a week in moderation.

    Ragi (a kind of millet) is good food for diabetics.

    All this I heard from our traditional/tribal medicine doctor called a Vaidyan. . He says wrong lifestyle and wrong food is the cause of disease.

    website is


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