Fun & Creative Glycerin Soaps

Primal Elements was found in 1993. Faith and Scott Freeman, founders of Primal Elements, make the most exciting looking soaps from Belmont Shore, CA.

These soaps go throught a hand-made process to produce “Vegetable Glycerin Soaps”. Not the synthetic glycerine soaps you see in drugstores either. Those can be drying to your skin.

In soap manufacturing, the real gycerine is taken out and resold to other beauty care producers. They can then put a little bit of glycerine in their creams, shampoos, or body wash. Or just sell as a by product itself.

So if you want the glycerine to stay in the soap, the best way to go is with all natural handmade soap. Once you use handmade soap for at least five days, you will notice the difference in your skin. I’ve noticed my blemishes have healed faster and my skin are less bumpy. I would strongly recommend handmade soap for the elderly or babies. But mostly for anyone that hates to deal with dry skin.

Here are some cute animal soaps from Primal Elements.

6.8 oz. Bar Soap
Fruity freshness for tons of bath time fun!

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