Google Map

How cool is Google map… now they have street view too? I thought this was really neat. Good way to check up on those front lawns. I wonder if it’s time to mow them or maybe bring out the goats to help trim it a bit.

Here is a little clip of the streets of SF Bay area. On a clear day you can see the green mountains in northbound going towards San Francisco. Here’s an image of a lost guy here.



  1. yes, this feature is very cool. I believe it came out a few months ago, but it is slowing growing in popularity; I think the slow growth may be due to the fact that not all cities have ‘street view’ and really I don’t find it that useful.

    It’s fun, but doesn’t offer extra help finding your location.

  2. cambree said

    Hi, Thanks for visiting.

    I agree that the feature isn’t really useful, more of a novelty. I also noticed some parts of the country did not have street views. That was a disappointment.

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