I love Bon Ami

Last year while I was shopping at the local PW Market (in the bay area), I saw this bright yellow cleaning container that had a picture of a cute chick that read “Bon Ami”. The French name and the cute chick already caught my attention. So I picked it up and read more about it from the labels. To my surprise, it is one of the most environmentally safe cleaning product around. Bon Ami could be considered less harmful to the environment than other cleaners because it did not use phosphates, chlorine, perfume or dyes in its formula. It also cleans surfaces without scratching. Notice the use of the little chicks. As chicks do not scartch for food during their first few days of hatching.

When I was growing up, my mom used only Ajax or Comet for cleaning. I suppose her friend introduced her to this brand and it worked well for her. So I was not familiar with Bon Ami. Plus those other brands were easy to find, usually at your grocery store or Target.

Bon Ami has been around for 120 years. The history behind Bon Ami is very interesting. The company starting manufacaturing the product around 1886. Here is a little excerpt from the company’s website,

Feldspar was discarded from a quartz mine, until someone suggested that this soft mineral might be combined with soap to create a less abrasive product to clean hard surfaces without scratching them. This appealed to Scotsman Robertson’s thriftiness. Robertson formed his venture and began operations in an unused grist mill located on property owned by Gurdon Hicks Childs. The feldspar was ground to a fine powder, mixed with liquid soap in wooden troughs, cured and cut into cakes, imprinted with the Bon Ami name, wrapped and packed in quarter-gross boxes for market.

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  1. I too love Bon Ami but don’t know how to obtain it. I had a couple of canisters free when I had my new sink installed but now can’t find a stockist in the U.K. I wonder if you may be able to help?

    Best regards,

    Barbara Glover

  2. cambree said

    Hi Barbara,
    Glad you are a fan of Bon Ami too. Sorry I can’t help you with locating a retailer in the U.K. But if all else, you can still order them online from such places like Amazon.com. But the shipping might be expensive to send to the U.K. Good luck!

  3. Here you go!

  4. cambree said

    Thanks Andy of the Vermont Country Store. On a good day, our local PW Market sells them for $1.00 per canister.

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