Handmade Charcoal Soap

This is the first charcoal soap I’ve made since I began my soap obsession. It contains palm oil, soybean oil, extra virgin olive oil, and castor oil – of course a dose of activated charcoal too. I decided not to put any frangrance or essential oils since I wanted a really pure facial bar. I figure it would be less harsh on the face. But thinking back, I could use a bit of peppermint or tea tree to hide the “nutty” smell of castor.

With this recipe, I decided to leave out coconut oil. And I think it’s looking very good. Coconut tends to make my other soap bars much harder. The palm oil does help it harden a bit better here too. The soybean & olive oils are both moisturizing for the skin. The castor oil also nourishes the skin, but the best part for me is that it helps with the removal of blackheads. The castor oil makes more of a soft bar. But it will harden up the longer it cures. And the super ingredient is the activated charcoal, helps to detox your skin and remove impurities.

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  1. Great post. Good ingredients. Wonderful explanation.

  2. cambree said

    Thanks Christine for the comment. Biodegradable ingredients are better for both you and the environment too.

  3. Good soap! Likely ingredients amd wonderful explanation! Thank’s!

  4. Florenda said

    was the charcoal messy to use?

    • cambree said

      @Florenda, the charcoal was not messy at all. It’s in powder form. But it does leave dark bath water. 🙂

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