Longwood Garden in PA

The last time I was in Pennsylvania was about 10 years ago. Back then, I had very little interest in gardening or landscape design. So I never heard of Longwood Gardens. If I am to ever travel there again, I will definitely make a stop in Kennett Square, PA. Also known as the “Mushroom Capital” of the world.

I have come to realize how important it is to be surrounded by beautiful and healthy plants. Beautiful plants really do add to your over all health. Studies have shown that people recover faster in hospitals where they have a window view of plants and flowers. I figure that could be even more helpful if you have a garden view in you own home too. Or at least try to visit a botanical garden in your area to boost your health.

Mission Statement:

Longwood Gardens is dedicated to preserving the spirit and beauty of the early 20th century gardens of Pierre S. du Pont. Longwood is a display garden promoting the art and enjoyment of horticulture for the public, while providing opportunities for research and learning. We are committed to excellence, good management, and fiscal responsibility.

I love this picture from their website. The cute little bird has made a home in one of the dried hallow gourd. Longwood Gardens is open every day of the year. Longwood Gardens is located on US Route 1, about 3 miles northeast of Kennett Square, PA. Longwood is an easy drive and offers free parking!

If you go from mid April to mid October, you get to see this beautiful Italian water garden. It would the closest thing to visiting the gardens of Italy.

“With 11,000 different types of plants both indoors and out, Longwood Gardens is the world’s premiere horticulture showplace.”

A bit of history:

“Exquisite flowers, majestic trees, dazzling fountains, extravagant conservatory, starlit theatre, thunderous organ—all describe the magic of Longwood Gardens, a horticultural showstopper where the gardening arts are encased in classic forms and enhanced by modern technology. Many generations helped create Longwood Gardens, but one individual—Pierre S. du Pont (1870-1954), industrialist, conservationist, farmer, designer, impresario, and philanthropist—made the most enduring contribution.”



  1. Gina said

    I lived in PA before and went on a field trip with the school, it was real nice. I think I was a junior in HS at the time.

  2. cambree said

    You are so lucky! There should be more places like this closer to where we live. Filoli Garden, in the bay area, has a mansion and garden too. But I don’t think it would be as nice as Longwood Gardens.

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