Boden Inspired Cat & Coat

I’m just going to ramble about kids clothing and coats today. All my cousins and their kids live out of state, so I rarely get to see them. And they all have boys, except we did get three more little girls in the family in the past years. I used to send them cute little dresses, but they just out grow them so fast! So I have to stick with better gifts next time.


Anyway, I love this cute little applique cat shirt from Boden UK. It’s very crafty looking. They do have a chidren’s catalogue too, Mini Boden. I just love looking at the pics of all the cute kids and their colorful outfits. One of the customers wrote, “we have the blue pony top for my 5 year old daughter, the top is lovely, really good fitting, very good quality material that doesn’t stretch or shrink in the wash, and the colours are very vibrant.”

coatThis is another pretty dress coat from Boden (on the right). But I found one on sale at Macy’s just like it. Mine is not the happy violet color, but more chocolate brown with a subtle sheen. The tailor is good and it drapes nicely. It’s a dress coat, so it’s not bulky at all and very light.

Coat shopping is usually dreadful for me, but once I put on the Macy’s coat, it just felt perfect. So now I have another classic cut dress coat for my coat collection. Again, it’s a dress coat, so not exactly made for cold weather. But it’s perfect for northern California autumn.


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