Cottage Living


I’m not much for cookie cutter suburban dwellings. But you just can’t avoid them these days.  And in some places, I’ve seen farmlands being taken over by suburban neighborhoods in less then a year.

I can understand why some people like having newer homes.  It’s great having all new amenities and not having to worry about old pipes and more. But for me, cottages have much more character and charm about them. Especially cottages in the country such as this painting by Mr. MacDonald-Ross of his centuries old stone cottage near Warrenpoint .


I really like this picture of a cute cottage by the lake in Portland, Oregon. The photo was taken by Portland Oregon Photography: Images and Dreams from the Oregon Street – A Photographic Landscape of Urban Oregon dated January 2005.

Cottage Living magazine wrote,

Lake Oswego was once a resort community, which explains why the early 20th-century homes of First Addition are so cozy. Now it’s a bedroom community for Portland, less than 10 miles away. Given the scenic lakeside location, library and coffee shop in walking distance, and public transit into downtown Portland, it’s no wonder real estate prices have risen.

I have always had good feelings about Oregon. Libraries and coffee shops are some of my favorite places! I love how Lake Oswego really make an effort, as a community, to be more environmentally friendly too. But the only thing I couldn’t stand would be the frequent rain and gray skies. I think I may have lived in California for way too long.


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