Rice Bran Handmade Soap

The past couple of years has been really good to olive oil. But the future may belong to rice bran oil. I had read so much of the benefits of this oil (and the rice bran powder) from many Japanese skincare company catalogs. They actually inspired me to make my own version of the rice bran soap. I searched all over town trying to locate the oil, including Whole Foods. They had almost every oil, but not rice bran. I also tried our local Japanese market, but they were very expensive for such a small bottle. But they did have a good selection of rice bran powder. I almost gave up, but finally came across a bigger Japanese market with a more reasonable price. About $12 for 64 fluid oz. ricebran1a4

Soap Ingredients: Rice Bran oil, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, Castor oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Rice Bran Powder. So I finally got to make my first rice bran oil bar. It has become my favorite bar. I scented it with lychee and mandarin, very light fruity scent. I use it as a facial bar and it’s very moisturizing. The best part is using it as a shaving bar. It really leaves my legs super super soft. I even forgot to use moisturizer (or felt I didn’t need to use it anymore). In Japan, Rice Bran Oil is used to enhance your skin and hair. It is also used all over the world in a variety of cosmetics, especially for treating dry, mature skin. Rice bran oil can be used to make massage oil, bath oil, body butters, and especially soaps. Possibly anywhere in cosmetics making. It is full of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also used in soapmaking as a natural preservative. Oils by Nature supplies, a specialty natural oils company that supply to soapmakers and gourmet food industries had an interesting list of the benefits of Rice Bran Oil. Some of which I will list here:

  • Provides moderate penetration with little greasiness
  • Promotes of collagen formation
  • Treats dry, mature skin
  • Provides smooth spreadability

Mick Vann of the Austin Chronicle wrote, “The more I discovered, however, the better this oil sounded. Web searches revealed dozens of scientific research articles claiming all manners of health benefits: It reduces bad-cholesterol levels, boosts good cholesterol, and fights free radicals; it’s an anti-inflammatory, reverses liver damage, inhibits cancer growth, reduces effects of menopause, and on and on. Snake oil never sounded so good.” The Rice bran oil photo in gallery is also from Austin Chronicle. It’s the same brand and size that I bought here locally. I will be using it for cooking very soon! The nice green rice plant photo is from Duke University. They have a very informative website on the history of rice cultivation and random facts. Soapmaking has become an expensive craft hobby of mine lately. The prices of vegetable oil have increased so much. So I think most people will be getting some of my soaps for Christmas! Sorry people, no surprises here. Handmade soaps are truly a luxury! (But if you would like to purchase some of my soaps, please check out my shop at etsy here.) Thanks.



  1. Charlene S said

    I have heard so much about this oil and have yet to try it. I love my olive oil especially for my husband’s shave soap. Now I am excited about trying this instead. Your soaps look wonderful!

  2. cambree said

    Hi Charlene,
    Thanks for the comment. I like using olive oil for most soaps too. I think this new oil is a real winner, it’s very moisturizing.

  3. Pirsey said

    This is quite a up-to-date info. I’ll share it on Facebook.

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