Winter’s Treat: Yuzu & Bergamot

I usually don’t obesses too much about body lotion, but since it is winter time I find a reason to enjoy them more. Especially the ones with an uplifting scent. I also prefer lotions that aren’t too greasy and has all natural ingredients.

Boots UK has a great lotion made with essential oils of citrus of bergamot and olive oil. Bergamot is of the citrus family and grown mainly in Southern Italy and parts of France. Essential oils are extracted from the rind of the fruit and used in soaps and lotions, as well as in aromatherapy.

Another new discovery I’ve found that is great in lotion is yuzu. It is also called Japanese grapefruit. In Japan, the fruit is very popular and has many uses. Nothing goes to waste! Yuzu is made into jams and the rinds are used to make tea. But the fragrance is most valued of them all.


Photo from The New York Times by Tony Cenicola

The fruit is rare, and highly prized. The New York Times food writer also mention that it sells for $19 per pound and the juice are good squeezed on grilled or poached fish. From the look of the picture above, you would think the fruit isn’t fully ripe yet. But I guess it can be used green or yellow and a little bit probably goes a long way. Tradeswind Fruit described the fruit as yellow to orange skinned citrus, medium in size, with highly fragrant rind and flesh. The flavor is acidic and tart.


I found this picture of ripen yuzu and lemons from cava_cavian of flickr titled “Winter’s Delight”. Imagine finding one of these boxes on your doorstep. The picture makes my mouth water and makes me feel happy just looking at it. Very pretty!

Lather Bath & Body has the best combination: Yuzu & Bergamot lotion, body wash, soap and shampoo. I actually have a sample set of this and am loving it. I think it even help wash away the headache I had earlier today too.


Latin Name: Citrus junos
Origin: Japan
Uses: To inspire a positive outlook

The distinct sharpness of yuzu mixes with sweet bergamot orange to create a pleasantly uplifting citrus blend. Citrus oils are recognized for their natural ability to elevate mood. The citrus oils of yuzu and bergamot are no exception. Yuzu Bergamot has a light, refreshing scent that delights mind and body.


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