Beautiful Paper Flowers

I saw some of these beautiful crepe paper making flower kit from Martha Stewart’s Collection. They look really crafty and they won’t wilt. I actually had mixed feelings about them at first. It would seem cheaper to just whip them up yourself. Or you can always find a pattern from a craft book and use that instead. But if you still want a kit, they are now on sale at 50% off the original price ($12.99 – $19.99).


Crepe Paper Dogwood Blossom

I like the dogwood the best. It looks simple and clean. The idea behind it is neat, at first I thought it would be a good project to do with kids. Except the crepe paper look a bit too delicate. Maybe more suitable for older children. Another down side is that the novelty will wear off. And soon they will be collecting dust and fading into the background, just waiting to be tossed out. So maybe fabric flowers are a better bet…

None the less, they look extremely pretty when taken by Martha’s talented photographers and art director. Here are some of my favorites:


Crepe Paper Peonies


Crepe Paper Irises

These beautiful crepe paper irises won’t wilt or drop petals. Use them to create corsages, wreaths, centerpieces, and bouquets. This kit makes 6 flowers.



  1. Gina said

    My younger sister loves to make stuff like this, she used to own a flower shop, and this is great for wedding arrangement, I’ve seen she worked with it before, although it does collect dust through time.

  2. cambree said

    Wedding arrangement that won’t wilt or need watering. That is an idea.

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