Book Review: Nice to Come Home To

I haven’t been reading much fiction lately, but I do try to read one once in a while. I think the last fiction I read and enjoyed was by Margaret Atwood. The latest fiction that I’ve read recently is Nice to Come Home To by Rebecca Flowers


The story was pretty simple and reminded me of something Lifetime TV would produce. Or even along the line of Gilmore Girls, but for the over 30 year old crowd. It was well written, the characters are believable and lovable. Especially the main character, Prudence. She would be someone you could see as a friend or sister. She makes you want to cheer for her all the way and see that things turn out well for her. And in the end everything did wrap up nicely, despite a few pitfalls.

There isn’t much to contemplate after reading this book, but merely entertaining.  But I did come out thinking that there are second chances in life.  It reminds you to not be too hard on yourself if the plans you made didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted.

Actually I only picked out the book because of the title and the book cover design. Especially with the pretty dress boutique. I know it’s funny, I’m judging a book by it’s cover. The cover is actually more stylish then the book itself. So that was a good marketing move from the publishers.

Here is nice little synopsis from Publishers Weekly:

“Though she’s methodically navigated 36 years by making lists and plans, D.C. resident Prudence Whistler’s carefully constructed life is about to get shaken up. She’s let go from the nonprofit job that never did much to fulfill her in the first place. Then Rudy—who she’s finally decided will suffice as The One—condescendingly dumps her. But before she has too much time to stew, her loved ones rally ’round: catty, coupled college friends; her younger sister, Patsy, the unmarried mother of a two-year-old; and John Owen, the in-divorce-proceedings diner owner Pru first encounters while schlepping Rudy’s television out to the curb. This crew’s the catalyst for a series of adventures and lifestyle shakeups that has retail-addict Pru wondering whether her love for fashion could deliver more than the latest Marc Jacobs dress. And then there’s the ongoing coffee klatch at John’s diner that inspires the big question: is Pru in the market for getting-each-other-through-a-bad-time-love with John, or is it time to stick her neck out for real-love love? Readers may find Pru’s early bad luck streak contrived, but as her lovable friends and neighbors spring into action, the well-written story rounds out and rolls toward a satisfying finish. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.” –

“Flowers is a genius of the small and lucent, the details that make a character live and breathe.”
New York Times bestselling author Marisa de los Santos

“Charming debut novel…a gentle book, a nice book to come home to. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Pru would make an excellent friend…funny and flawed and emotionally available.”
Charlotte News and Observer

“As Pru’s lovable friends and neighbors spring into action, the well-written story rounds out and rolls toward a satisfying finish.”
Publishers Weekly


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