Loquat Fruit and Leaves

Loquats are one type of fruits that are first to appear in spring. While most other fruits don’t appear or ripen up until summer or autumn. The loquat tree is also considered to be an evergreen, as the leaves do not turn brown and fall, very much like citrus trees.

These fruit trees originated from China, but can bee seen growing in much warmer climates of the U.S., from Texas to California. Even in the warmer parts of Europe too. They are actually fast growing trees and very easy to propagate. The best part is that they are drought resistant trees. So this would be a great time to grow one, especially when water is scarce.


As seen here, the photo of young loquats and leaves growing in San Jose, Ca. This photo was taken in springtime. The leaves are glossy green in the front but fuzzy in the back. And the fruit itself can be a bit fuzzy like a peach too.

The fruit is tangy to sweet. But it is delicious when it ripens and turn yellow. Loquat fruit and leaves have high concentrations of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A and Ascorbic Acid.

The leaves can also be used to make tea. I have made tea with some of the dried leaves and the taste is very light.

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  1. Gina said

    This is a very interesting fruit tree, I’ve never heard of it before. The leaves are very similar to those of the Plumeria tree.

    They’re not that big and tall, I’m sure your mom can find a spot for it, I’d love to see what it looks like in her yard.

  2. […] like the loquat fruit I mentioned earlier, the leaves of the pomegranate can also be used to make tea. The […]

  3. cambree said

    The leaves are interesting too, it’s glossy on the front and fuzzy on the back.

    I ate some fruits last year and threw the seeds into my mom’s potted kaffir tree. Now there is a young sapling.

    I think the tree can get very big if it’s not prune properly. I’ve seen some as high as two story apartment. The place my mom lives is putting restrictions on landscaping plants and water use now. So we will wait and see!

  4. aking said

    Could you tell me how you make the tea from loquat leaves. Do you dry them out first and then make tea from the dry leaves or just steep the fresh leaves.

    • cambree said

      Hello aking,
      You can do this either way. I like to dry them for later use, but steeping with fresh leaves is fine too. I usually boil the fresh leaves for about 5 minutes. The color will be intense and taste similar to raspberry leaf tea. Hope it turns out well.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Nelita Vallido said

    How many loquat leaves do I need to boil to make an effective tea? I want to try this because of my respiratory system.

    • cambree said

      Hi Nelita,

      I would start with 3-4 leaves. Cut them into small pieces and boil in a small pot. Turn off the heat and let it seep for 10 minutes.

      This should give you about 3 cups of herbal tea. Good luck! Thanks for visiting Cambree Notes.

      • gloria luey said

        you must be sure you scrape the hairs off the leaves before you use them for tea.

  6. Ray Serrato said

    I recently heard about the health benefits of loquat tea. I just happen to own a loquat tree. I cut the green leaves off, rinse and scrub the leaves with a small brush, cut them into pieces to fit the pan, and boil them. I make about a half gallon at once, cool, and refridgerate in a container. I then use it as iced tea, heat some for evening tea, or use some in place of water when I make my morning oatmeal. I haven’t dried any leaves yet.
    Does this seem ok if used in moderation?

    • cambree said

      Hi Ray,
      If you don’t have any strange reactions then you are doing OK. And I’ve never thought about mixing it will oatmeal. That sounds like a healthy breakfast.

  7. Malik said

    Please tell me the benefits of loquat fruit,seeds,leaves for diabetics.thanks and regards,

  8. IndianGuru said

    Loquat trees are beautiful. They are evergreen and give you good shade if pruned properly. They grow out to be lush green trees with plenty of fruits. We plan to put them for a privacy fence in the backyard. These can be controlled to whatever height you want them to be.
    There is plenty of information on the Internet. Do research and read a lot of about the tree before you prepare anything for consumption. Apparently, the seed are not at all edible as they contain cyanides.
    I love the fruit and its taste – tangy sweet much like an apricot.

  9. May Africa said

    I’ve been using this loquat tea for about 3 months now, coz a friend told me that it is good for my high level of sugar and my high cholesterol. But the best thing that I noticed is my sinus attacks stopped since the first few days of drinking one glass a day!!!! I only had 1 major sinusitis attack eversince……meaning….sneezing and running nose for the whole day. I think moderate drinking is advisable, coz I read in another article about a man who drunk 2 liters a day, and he had a health reaction. Am not sure about that…but it would me on the safe side to just drink it moderately, I guess. I havent had my blood test yet….and hoping that I would get the best positive results, when I do….;0)

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