Movie: Coraline

Every now and then, the little kid in me still enjoys watching cartoons and eating cupcakes. So I am planning to see this movie when it comes out soon. And I will give my movie review later.


This will be the first movie project for Laika Animation Studio in Portland, Oregon. The movie was filmed using stop-motion animation. This is where the hands and every other part of the characters (puppets) in the movie are manipulated frame by frame. This is done to achieve movement and expression and to tell a very realistic looking story. I am a big fan of claymation and am looking forward to seeing how this movie will compare. Other features in this movie people will notice is that some theatres (including one near our city) will offer 3-D screenings.

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  1. Gina said

    Unlike me, I still live my life like a little kid (sometimes). 🙂

    I think my daughter will enjoy this, I’m heading to Barnes and Noble today and need to check this book out.

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