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Jack & Lily

The other day I was having a conversation with Mc about baby names. We are both looking forward to having children some where in the near future. At the moment we are stick stuck with where and how we like to raise our family. It mostly has to do with wanting to stay in the U.S. for the long haul. A part of me wants to move to B.C., but the other part of me wants to stay in California. Since that is where my immediate family is living, and we are a pretty close knit family. So it’s been this way for the past years and I know we have to decide pretty soon.

Back to baby names, so we’ve both agree it would be Jack and Lily. Jack is a simple, strong name for a boy. And Lily is sweet and kind, a pure white Easter lily. So I decided to see if the name is popular and found that it’s the name of a baby shoe company. I mean, it’s great since they make cute baby shoes, but it sucks because the name won’t be so special anymore. I guess Lily will have to go, and so I will think of another pretty little girl name. Possibly something floral again.

And here is a pair of Jack & Lily, super cute leather baby shoes. Just love the crochet looking turtle. But wonder if it will get dirty easily. That would not be so good for baby’s little feet.


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