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Benefits of Bamboo

I can’t really explain why I find bamboo to be so familiar. Maybe it’s because my mom loves to cook with them, I mean the bamboo shoots. Or maybe because we use many bamboo products around the house, from chopsticks to rice baskets. Or is it because I’m Asian, and it just runs in my veins? But the best part of bamboo, is that cute panda bears just sit all day and munch on the leaves. Very good life.

The best news yet, is that it’s suppose to be environmentally better. It can grow fast (in 3 years) compare to longer for trees. Although it isn’t a tree, but a grass. People in Asia have been using it for centuries. And now bamboo is entering the market as in bamboo fabrics, flooring, and furniture too.

I have actually tried the bamboo fabrics and can say they are super soft. Just like acrylic or even cashmere. They have these great benefits such as being antibacterial. The fabrics keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Much like the fine organic alpaca fur too.

bam1.jpgThere seem to be a larger market for bamboo flooring then there is in textiles. Here are some really great sites you can visit to find out more about bamboo floorings. My favorite is Bamboo Hardwood, which has been around since 1995. They are from Washington state. Cali Bamboo also has a very nice selection. Another great site is Bamboo Revolution. I love their bamboo blinds (for the windows) very much. I hope to get blinds like that soon.

And in Chinese cultures, the bamboo represents good luck and wealth. For my birth year, they recommend I have potted bamboo in the entrance of the house. I have had it for about 3 years now and I’m not sure about the wealth I’m getting. But definitely luck has been on my side.


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