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The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Sometimes there seem to be more charities out there then we knew existed. There are charities for children and abandoned animals. Even one for fruit trees, at least for growing more fruit trees. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation from San Diego, Ca is one charity that is dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to benefit the environment around the world. I think this is a great idea as it helps teach people to be empowered by growing their own food and also sustain the environment too. The charity’s primary mission is to plant and help others plant a collective total of 18 billion organic fruit trees. These programs are aimed at enriching the environment, providing nutritious food sources for wild and rescued animals. And to improve human health by bringing delicious, fresh, locally grown raw fruits and vegetables in their area.


Papaya tree planted in Kenya. Photo from FTPFoundation.

The charity has already planted trees in many locations throught the U.S., Africa, and India. My favorite part of the project is “Orchards for Animals” which provide rescued animals sanctuaries with fruit trees for shade, shelter, and healthy diets. As the trees mature, animals can then eat the fruits and forage for more. During times of extreme heat or precipitation, the animals can seek shade and shelter under the trees. Fruit trees allow for the most natural diet available to animals, plucked fresh off the tree with no chemicals or pesticides. One of the Farm Sanctuary is located in Orland, California. They planted 50 fruit trees. The trees will provide shade and foraging opportunities for rescued animals.


Another sample of other neat things provided by the program took place in Florida.

Fruit Tree Workshop & Giveaway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“In November of 2008, FTPF partnered with the Fort Lauderdale Parks & Recreation Department, in a program made possible by Absolut, to implement a a free fruit tree give-away at three city parks and delivered a unique interactive workshop to teach fruit tree enthusiasts about proper planting and care. The program resulted in 671 fruit trees—including mangos, avocados, carambolas, grapefruits, oranges, and tangelos—being distributed to city residents. The effort trained nearly 100 workshop participants on how to plant trees and help restore an area that has lost countless trees in recent years due to hurricane damage—while fighting global warming and providing healthy nutrition at the same time.” Wow! What a great idea. I wish I lived in Florida with a huge backyard. Read the rest of this entry »


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Cloth Dolls by April Cornell

Arpil Cornell,the person and the store named after her, is originally from Canada. She has lived a third of her life overseas and traveled the world for more than 30 years. Her design inspirations combine locations like Paris, India, Portugal, Hong Kong and British Columbia. As stated by April, “I get much of my inspiration and style from observing how other people are living and what they are feeling in cities and towns around the globe.” I really like that she uses ideas from flowers, leaves and birds as a recurring motif in all elements of her merchandise and designs.

There are actually quite a few April Cornell shops in the U.S. Her shop has a very romantic and girlie theme, imagine lots of floral curtains and British tea. There are some pretty dresses from her line, but they are a bit too romantic for me. But what I do like are the little girl cloth dolls. They look very crafty and has a nostalgic feel to them.


The dark hair cutie is Vicky and her cat Micky. A little story about them, “Micky and I like to curl up together and read a book. I tell Micky stories and he purrs and purrs and purrs. I think Micky likes my stories.” She has a crazy head of black yarn for hair and her dress looks nice.  Retails from $18 – $24. Read the rest of this entry »

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