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Rasing a Child

I’m at that age where most of my friends are having children of their own. Some are even expecting child number two. M and I would like to have children someday, hopefully within the next couple of years. Two kids to be exact. But I can say there are times when I really appreciate my freedom. Just can’t imagine how I can take care of such a tiny little person. Tales of sleepless nights and forever concerns do not sound like fun! The only reason I can think about not being ready to bring life into this world is really the uncertainty of it all. But who said anything is certain, as they always say, “change is the only constant.”

This same topic was also discussed in BusinessWeek. It is titled, “Is Raising Kids a Fool’s Game?” by Karyn McCormack. She writes, “Considering extras like sports equipment, summer camps, private school, Disney vacations, and a full-time nanny, raising a child through age 17 could cost $1 million or more. On top of all that, growth in wages for U.S. workers has been minuscule or stagnant, while inflation has crept higher.”


Photo by Cute children camping out with the Anthropologie bedding collection. They have a lovely assortment of fashion, beddings, and other cool items at their boutique. This picture reminds me of what being a child is all about.




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