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Book Review: Classic Knits

I just saw the most pretty yet subdue knitting book ever. It’s Classic Knits: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever by Erika Knight. I am not the expert knitter, as I have never successfully knit anything more than a scarf.

If you are interested in classic design and can’t really knit any of the patterns in the book, you can still find ready made items and include them into your wardobe. Personally, I always like the idea of mixing a few classic items with trendy ones. Classic designs are the best since the style will last much longer for years to come. Unlike trendy pieces that can only be worn for a few seasons.

The photography in this book is also very beautiful. The background feels like somewhere in an Irish or English country cottage mixed with Parisian city apartments. Katya de Gunwald, who is the photographer, did a great job highlighting the clothing and setting. At first, it felt a bit solemn, but it’s still bright enough to feel like spring is just around the corner.


This picture above is a classic, but mix the nice leather boots and it looks modern. I love the combination of polka dot dress and a simple sweater. The decor reminds me of a drafty English home. It could probably use some fresh flowers, or maybe even a sleeping cat.

The three pictures in the photo gallery are some of my favorite from the book. I also like the cute little navy vest. I think I have one like it in wool, but unfortunately it was thrown in the washing machine and shrunk! I love the classic knit messenger bag. Just the right size for all your magazines and books. And finally, the soft caramel color sweater is sweet, but with an air of elegance.

If you like classic designs, I think you’ll like this book. And if you can’t knit, just keep it as an inspirational picture book. Please note, all pictures are copyrighted by Erika Knight and Katya de Grunwald. Please do not take photos without permission of artist. Thank you!


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Beautiful Paper Flowers

I saw some of these beautiful crepe paper making flower kit from Martha Stewart’s Collection. They look really crafty and they won’t wilt. I actually had mixed feelings about them at first. It would seem cheaper to just whip them up yourself. Or you can always find a pattern from a craft book and use that instead. But if you still want a kit, they are now on sale at 50% off the original price ($12.99 – $19.99).


Crepe Paper Dogwood Blossom

I like the dogwood the best. It looks simple and clean. The idea behind it is neat, at first I thought it would be a good project to do with kids. Except the crepe paper look a bit too delicate. Maybe more suitable for older children. Another down side is that the novelty will wear off. And soon they will be collecting dust and fading into the background, just waiting to be tossed out. So maybe fabric flowers are a better bet…

None the less, they look extremely pretty when taken by Martha’s talented photographers and art director. Here are some of my favorites:


Crepe Paper Peonies Read the rest of this entry »

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