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Best Skin Care Supplements

Beauty magazines are always talking about the latest skin cream that will take away the wrinkles or soothe the occasional skin problems. But little do we realize that taking supplements can also improve our skin from the inside out. A healthy diet can also do wonders for you skin. Since we don’t usually get our vitamins from the everyday food, it’s fine to add supplements.


A diet consisting of fish is very good. But watch out for the high levels of mercury, especially found in tuna. Wild salmon such as the one pictured here is one of the better pick.

Here is my list of what I think is the best skin care supplements to use daily.  Please click here to see the list.


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Kudzu’s Good Side

There are these lush green vines that I have seen from many pictures and movies coming from the southeastern United States. They even have pretty purple flowers too. The plants are usually seen growing endlessly along highways and forests. What is the name of this interesting plant? It is kudzu ( scientific name: pueraria lobata), a Japanese native plant that has been labeled as “invasive” and is taking over the native plants of the area.


Purdue University’s Photo of the nice kudzu with pretty purple flowers.

The plant first came to the US as an ornamental plant in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. Then in 1935 to 1953, farmers in the South were encouraged by the United States to plant kudzu to reduce soil erosion. But in was declared as invasive by the US government by the mid 1950’s. The southeastern US has hot, humid summers, frequent rainfall, temperate winters and few hard freezes. So the conditions are almost perfect for the kudzus to keep on growing. In some ways, the plant reminds me of the end of the world when the vines start to take over cities and towns.


Michael Jon Jensen, Director of Publishing Technologies of the National Academies Press took this picture of kudzus taking over this abandoned Honda Civic. Looks like it is just in the edge of town too. Watch out!

But in Japan, they love to eat kudzu. Kudzu is high in fiber and protein and is a good source of vitamin A and D.   Read more about Kudzu’s Good Side here.

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