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ABC Teahouse – Guava Leaves

Tea Review: Guava Leaves Tea by ABC Tea House


Of the two brands of guava leaves tea I’ve tried, this is my favorite brand. It is from ABC Teahouse of China. The box said it contains 100% guava leaf.

The other brand I’ve had is Hung Phat from Vietnam. The box said it contain guava leaf and fruit. I actually thought this would be better as it contains fruit pieces. But I could not even finish my first cup. Of the whole box, I’ve only used no more then 3 tea bags. It is very bitter tasting. So after seeping the tea for several minutes, I opened up the tea bag from Hung Phat and found there were more then guava leaf and fruit pieces. It also look like small pieces of twigs or bark too. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but they should at least label it on the package. And I would think that more pieces of the guava plant, the better. But in this case, it just taste worse.

The guava tea leaf from ABC Tea House is much smoother tasting and not as bitter. I opened this tea bag and did find all guava leaves. This brand was bought at a Chinese grocery store for $2.99 per box. As I wrote in a previous post, guava leaf has many benefits. In Asian countries, it is mostly used to soothe stomach aches and dieting. But recenlty I found out that it is also suppose to help with menstrual cramps too.

In the past couple of years, my menstrual cramps have been really painful. Studies show that adding more calcium to your diet would help with the cramps. So I drank more milk, ate more cheese and yogurt. Even tried taking calcium supplements, but they all seem to help in the beginning and the pain came back. Now that I started to drink guava tea leaf with the first sign of PMS, I have found that it has also help my mood swings. I have only been drinking this for 1 month and did notice a big improvement on my PMS already. But I can’t say how conclusive it is for me, so I’ll have to wait and see after 3 months of drinking.


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Guava Leaf

Since I am on the subject of guavas this week. I thought I would add the benefits of drinking guava leaf tea. There doesn’t seem to be too much info on this subject in Westernern society or health news. But in Asia, making teas out of fruit leaves are common.

Such leaves include loquats, pomegrante, and guava. Loquats are good for coughs. Pomegranate good for stomach problems, it is also used as a dieter’s tea. Which means it could help suppress your apetite. But my favorite is of the guava leaves, since it is loaded with vitamins, good for your skin, helps lower your cholestrol, and burn fats.


Photo from Organic Thailand.  They sell guava leaf essential oils, wholesale only.  I have never heard of such a thing, but I’m sure it has many benefits to it too.

Please continue reading more here.  Including a scientific study conducted in Japan.

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