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Plant of the Month

I might have just found the perfect new plant to add to my botanical collection. They look a lot like the Amaryllis. But they are called Clivia or Kaffir Lily and originated from the African continent. Last autumn I was at the nursery and saw the Kafir Lily variety. It had these strong and glossy dark green leaves.

I think these flowers could easily become more popular then orchids. They seem less fragile and probably have a better chance of blooming year after year. They come in various colors, with orange being the most common. Other colors can be seen in near white, peach, red, and yellow.


Here is a little snapshot of the photo gallery at

I think I will find some seeds and try to cultivate them on my own. It will be a fun experiment. There is also many websites dedicated to the interest of growing Clivias. You can also purchase the plants on Ebay too. Some of my favorite websites for Clivia info is Lisa Mannion Clivias, her site is simple but full of useful resources. And at, you get some really great photo collection.

The Royal Horticulture Society suggest the following for propagation:

“Harvest seed from the berries when they turn red and sow immediately. Sow singly in 3in pots, using a loam-based compost just covering the seed. Germination takes between six to eight weeks at a temperature of 70F. Grow on at 60F once the first leaves appear.”


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