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Summer Sandals

A girl can never have too many shoes or purses. But in this case, I really do have too many shoes. I can’t count exactly, but I have walking shoes, running shoes, shoes for special occassions, and whole collection of sandals to last me a few years.

So basically, I’ve decided to stop buying shoes all together. But then I saw this pair and thought, what a cutie. So basic and simple, just my style!

These cutie are by Kork-Ease the Myrna “classic low rider”. Kork-Ease are a handmade shoe company founded in 1954 in Brooklyn, NY. They were popular amongst the hippies and almost got lost in the fad. But they are back! This style sell at zappos for $150. A little too much for me to fork out on shoes. Unless I have extra money around or these are super worth it (comfort-wise). I think the last sandals I got were around $50 and it lasted me a few years. The best deal I got were these cute brown leather sandals by Bandolino for only $3 at the thrift store. It’s unusual to find a great deal at these places, but it sure is fun when you do!

As for Kore-Ease, many customers from Zappos have given them great review on comfort, style, and quality. That’s really great to know. I love the simple design the most. And the rubber sole are also helpful, as I would hate to slip and fall. Only thing that is stopping me is the fact that I have a brown sandal that looks very similar. Actually another black one too. With the cork platform sole. So I’m hoping this post will help remind me of all these sandals I already own… before I decide to go shoe shopping again.


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