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My Sprint Complaint

I was checking my Sprint bill online and was shock to find that they overcharged me for something I was not aware of, in this case it was “long distance” charges. I tried to go back to the website and find the details of my bill, but it was “Temporarily Unavailable.”

I have email them my questions and complaint and am waiting to hear from them. I hope they keep their promise of being good to their customers. Especially since I am on the fence about cancelling and switching to a much better cell phone service.

As you can see, they suggest as a compliment for you to go ahead and get a free “ring” as a curtosy from Sprint. I have not taken their offer since I am already skeptical of their phone (business) plans. I would advise to NOT even consider taking it. You will most likely be billed for the service and if you try to cancel, they will not do so immediately if at all. Plus the fine print did say, we will refund you the charges within the next 2-3 billing cycle. Why do they get to take your money first? And then make you wait at least 2-3 months for it to show up.

Update 7/14/08: It took Sprint e-customer support 2 days to get back to me about my complaint. They were very understanding and was able to reverse the charges on the long distance. Despite all the bad rap Sprint is getting these days, I have to say I have been pretty satisfied with their support via emails. I would recommend contacting them via email first before talking to a rep. Hope this helps. -cambree


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