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Hybrid Scooter

I like to think my little German car gets pretty good mileage at 32 hwy and 28 city. But with the price of gas in northern California being at $4.37 it cost me almost $50 to fill up my tank. I remember just years ago I would get a full tank on only $20. Someone out there is getting rich. And I know it’s not the everyday people having to go to work, school, or basically the commoners. My only resolution at this point, besides having to walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation is to go out and get me a scooter! I should have jump on one three years ago, but the thought of getting run over by a giant SUV was a big determent.

Well, here is what I found from my research. This is an older model, 2006 Vespa Hybrid scooter.

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