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Tips for Creating Wealth

Every time I hear about “creating wealth”, I always think of those late night infomercials. Or those weekend seminars that try to lure people into false expectations while taking them for a ride.

climbing-red-flower.jpgBut these tips I found from a Canadian motivational speaker, T. Harv Eker, is pretty basic and makes sense. I’ve been living with these same principles for some time, before I even heard about them. I think it’s made me a much calmer and more understanding person.

Tips for Creative Wealth

-Stop being a victim. Stop blaming, rationalizing, stop complaining.

-Stop resenting rich and successful people. Admire and model them.

-Play the money game to win. Stop playing to survive. Go out there to create massive earnings and wealth.

-Think both: I can be rich and spiritual, rich and generous, rich and kind.

-Act in spite of fear. If you’re afraid, that’s good. It means you’re pushing out of your comfort zone.

-Be bigger then your problems. Most people are smaller than their problems. Don’t just try to avoid or get rid of them. Be bigger than them.

-You obviously have to manage your money well. Rich people manage their money well, poor people manage poorly.


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